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    Growth Myanmar Supporting Team

    Haga Keisuke

    Managing Director





    Tsukahara Yasuaki

    General Manager / Bangladesh 兼務

    安心・快適な移動を提供しお客様の事業成長の一助に、 従業員とその家族が幸せになるように、 ミャンマーがミャンマーらしい成長を遂げられるように、 日々精進して参ります!

    For the support of the clients’ business improvement, for staff and their families' happiness, for Myanmar's development - we are growing day by day.

    Zin Mar Myint

    Sales & Admin Manager

    A great working environment comes from nowhere, but the passion from you and all your colleagues, and thus; I love to do all the admin and accounting for Growth since the beginning, and it has always been my pleasure when everything is set up perfectly.

    Nay Myo Aung

    Sales & Admin Manager

    In this company, I want to prove my abilities by accepting challenges, fulfilling organizational goals and climbing the career ladder through continuous learning and commitment. I also hope to bridge Myanmar and Japanese culture.

    Ye Zayyar Win

    Car Hire Supporting Manager


    Min Min Soe

    Car Hire Supporting Manager

    I give training to the new drivers for our company. I hope to promote the growth, quality, skill and standard of our Myanmar drivers.

    Myo Oo

    Car Hire Service Staff

    It's a great pleasure to be here working with all of the people who are here and I had been away from my home country, Myanmar, for many years. I had a lot of experiences and knowledge and fall in love with Japanese culture, tradition and living style of Japanese people during my stay in Japan. Now I got a chance to work with the people, culture and traditional I love. I'm looking forward to working together with them and let's put our heads closely for the sustainable and expandable growth of our company. Fighting ....

    Swe Zin Chit Su

    Sales Leader

    Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

    Ei Pyae Phyo Myint

    HR staff

    It is a great challenge being a part of Growth as an HR Staff to make sure I am choosing the right candidates who are an excellent fit for the position and I am so excited how can I develop myself from that wonderful Opportunity.

    May Phyo Kyaw

    Admin staff

    Do you wanna be a precious human in your life? If you wanna be!you just need to learn newest things continuously and made yourself useful.

    Lae Yee Win

    Admin staff

    Hi! I’m new member at growth myanmar company. My responsibility is not only for the company but also for the customers. Joining this company is a big challenging for me. I want to grow my role to make this company more bigger and to support our customers the best!

    Myo Min Htun

    Car Hire Service Staff

    Fulfill customer with soul of my heart.Best service without breaking the law.

    Min Htwe

    Car Hire Service Staff

    More service than cost.